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Looper: Review

31 Oct

 I’ve always liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt whether he was an alien, one of Micheal Myers victims, a high school detective or a love-sick greeting card writer, and 2012 has been a good year for Tommy Solomon. He’s landed leading roles in two highly anticipated movies, The Dark Knight Rises and in the sci-fi movie, Looper.

When I saw ads for The Dark Knight Rises, I knew that Levitt would be playing Robin or Nightwing. He has the perfect look, but I wasn’t sure how he’d fit in with such a serious and seasoned cast. Considering the other actors, Levitt did a great job of holding his own and making his character stand out in the Nolan’s final Batman movie. I think the end of The Dark Knight Rises left fans hoping that DC would push for a Robin or Nightwing movie.

Levitt’s second big project of 2012 was Looper – a sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. Looper centres around Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a mob hitman in the year 2044. In the future, if the mob wants to have someone “taken care of” the target is sent 30 years into the past, where a hired gun waits. Eventually, the mob decides to “close the loop” by transporting back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) for execution. Unfortunately, Young Joe loses his future self and must track him down before the mob finds him.

After escaping Young Joe, Old Joe hunts for the Rainmaker – a powerful man who is closing all the loops and has single-handedly taken over the future’s criminal organizations. Old Joe’s mission is to find the Rainmaker as a child and kill him to prevent future events. Young Joe manages to figure out part of Old Joe’s plans and heads to one of the addresses where the Rainmaker may be living. There Young Joe meets Sara (Emily Blunt), a single mother who lives with her son Cid. Young Joe stays to protect Sara and Cid and to kill Old Joe when he shows up.

From the trailers, you’d think that Looper was a sci-fi action movie and we would eventually see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis team up in a Die Hard style killing spree. Guess what? The trailers are misleading – incredibly misleading. If anything Looper is a sci-fi drama which is something I haven’t really seen before. Of course there are sci-fi elements – time travel, telekinesis, but the focus is really on character development.

When you’re first introduced to Old Joe, all your sympathy lies with him. You see what he experienced for the past 30 years and you understand his motivations. Young Joe looks selfish, stupid and greedy in comparison. As the movie progresses and Old Joe starts carrying out his plan to kill the Rainmaker, your sympathy shifts to Young Joe and you get a glimpse into why he behaves the way he does.

Bruce Willis fits the role of Old Joe perfectly. Willis seems to only pick better roles and become more successful with age. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does all the heavy lifting. He’s amazing as Young Joe and even when he does morally questionable things you know why. His ability to imitate Bruce Willis and mimic his mannerisms is uncanny. My favourite scene of the movie is where the two Joe’s meet at a coffee shop and have a conversation about what’s going to happen now and in the future.

Writer/Director Rian Johnson is a bit of an oddball. He wrote the role of Young Joe specifically for Gordon Levitt as the pair previously worked together on the teenage film noir Brick. Johnson seems to focus on minute details and tries to have all his bases covered.

Even so, there are flaws in the movie. The prosthetics used to make Levitt look like Willis aren’t really necessary. I’ve talked to a few people who said they couldn’t get used to Levitt’s look. The face change feels like a bit of a gimmick and Looper stands well on its own.

A couple of characters should have been written out of the screenplay. If they don’t add anything to the plot, there’s no reason for them to be there and even though I love him, Jeff Daniels is not an intimidating villain. Sorry.

Overall, Looper is a unique and interesting movie. It’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a sci-fi fan because you may never seen anything like it again.


Looper: Trailer

13 Apr

Sorry for not posting in so long… I’m lazy.  I want to hear your thoughts on this movie trailer.  Can u tell who the main character is played by?

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