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Expendables 2: Trailer

28 Jun

You know what makes me happy? Arnold kicking ass and taking names.

Expendables 2 is out August 17, 2012.


This Poster Kicks Ass!

16 Jun

Totally Recalling

19 Oct

The other day, I was talking to a friend about all the awesome 80s action stars.  We talked about Jean Claude Van Dame, Stephen Seagal, Sylvester Stallone…and then we came to the always polarizing Arnold.  As I expected, my friend went on a tirade about how overrated Schwarzenegger is:  “Arnold can’t act”, “He’s not attractive”, “He’s a bad politician” and my new personal favorite “He’s a cheater”..ohhhhhhhhhhh.  A male action star a cheater? NEVER! I’m not going to pretend Arnold’s some kind of angel and that the media portrays him in a bad light. Please, have you seen how Arnold acts in Pumping Iron?   What I wanted to get across to my friend was, who really cares?  All big action stars have done scandalous things. The problem is that people don’t remember what our heroes did in the 80s and 90s.  Well, allow me to educate you…

Jean Claude Van Damme

JCVD is one of my first childhood crushes because nobody can pull off a mullet like him.  But what horrible things has he done other than teaming up with Dennis Rodman in Double Team?  At one point in his career, JCVD spent upwards of $10,000 a week on cocaine. His cocaine addiction ended more than one of his five marriages.

Steven Seagal

Portrait of Steven Seagal

Douche!  Admit it.  You know he is.  I can’t think of anything really horrible that Segal has ever done other than be a complete doucebag.  Look at the way he dresses and that stupid ponytail braid.  How embarrassing.  Now, Seagal is  training with Champions John Jones and Anderson Silva: the two biggest jerks in the UFC.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone has overall been a pretty stand-up guy. You never really hear about him in the tabloids or any stupid things he has said or done to the paparazzi. Keep in mind, we didn’t hear much about Arnold till about 4 years ago.  The most you heard about Stallone was during his divorce from actress Brigitte Nielsen.  Yup, the Brigitte Nielsen that dated Flavor Flav.  He was also caught in Australia with synthetic human growth hormones in 2002, which explains why he’s insanely buff at 65.   My favorite seedy thing about Stallone is that he starred in soft core porn in 1970.  The porn was released when Sly got famous under the title, The Italian Stallion. Hehehehehe

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