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The CIFF Diaries – Entry 2

4 Sep

So I signed up on myvolunteerpage.com for shifts at the Calgary International Film Festival.

There was a variety of positions listed:

  • Box Office
  • Theatre Attendants
  • Event Set-Up
  • Marketing
  • Festival Greeters
  • Guest Relations
  • Bike Couriers (winner for cutest job position)

I signing up to be a Theatre Attendant for two shifts at Eau Claire Market. Volunteers are asked to work three shifts or a total of 15 hours. I’m still deciding if I want to do another Theatre Attendant shift or volunteer for a Gala party.

I won’t know anyone else I’m working with for these shifts, but it’ll be fun to people watch and judge their movie choices.


Gingers Invade Hollywood

29 Aug

For years, I believed everything South Park told me about gingers. Gingers were vile, vampire-like creatures that had to be stopped. I feared for the sanctity of Hollywood as more and more gingers congregated in the famous city; however, that fear subsided when I realized that many of these gingers were surprisingly talented actors. Maybe it’s the lack of a soul that allows them to transform so easily and believably into different characters? We may never know, but it’s important that you recognize some talented and potentially dangerous gingers.

Jessica Chastain

In 2011, Jessica Chastain starred in six movies, including her Oscar-nominated turn in The Help and the actress’s popularity only continues to grow. Unlike other new celebrities, Chastain is serious about acting and has the same credibility and presence as respected actresses like Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. This month she stars alongside Shia LeBeouf and Tom Hardy in Lawless.

Christina Hendricks

You probably know her as the saucy and tough Joan from AMC’s Mad Men, but Christina Hendricks starred in Nicholas Winding Refn’s critically acclaimed drama Drive alongside Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston and Ron Pearlman. It’s unfortunate that she’s only in Drive for about 20 minutes, but its obvious that Hendricks can pull off roles on the big screen.

Amy Adams

I didn’t like Amy Adams for a long time and then I saw Sunshine Cleaning. Adams plays a struggling single mother who’s having an affair with her married high school boyfriend. Normally, extramarital affairs don’t inspire much sympathy, but her character was surprisingly well-rounded and seemed more lost and desperate than a home-wrecker. Watching her sing and dance in the new Muppet movie is what completely won me over. Next she’ll star with Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake in the baseball drama, Trouble With the Curve.

Caleb Landry Jones

To date, Caleb Laundry Jones has starred in a couple of movies, most notably as Sean Cassidy/Banshee in X-Men: First Class, but apparently the 23 year old is a talented musician and can play the drums, guitar, bass and harmonica. He’s also a true ginger – red, RED hair, pale as the moon and covered in freckles. This convinces me he’s soulless along his ability to transform himself from adorable (see above) to downright creepy (see below).  Next you can see him in Brandon Cronenberg’s murder mystery, AntiviralAntiviral will be screened at the Calgary International Film Festival’s Black Carpet Gala on Friday September 28th. Buy tickets online at calgaryfilm.com

The CIFF Diaries – Entry 1

22 Aug

In late May, I sent an email to the Calgary International Film Festival offering to be an administrative volunteer. I was working full-time from home at the time and I needed an excuse to leave the house for a few hours a week. Attached to the email was my resume which outlined my experience including, volunteering for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and all my past office management and volunteer roles. For three months I heard absolutely nothing – no reply, no rejection.

I was upset that I didn’t hear anything and debated skipping the festival. Just before I left for holidays, Marc Binkley, the CIFF Volunteer Coordinator, emailed me.  Marc apologized for the massive delay in contacting me and promised to send volunteer updates within the next two weeks.  Shortly after his email I received two more emails outlining how to sign-up on the CIFF Volunteer site and when the Meet and Greet will take place.

I have a background in volunteer management and I have to say Marc’s quick, efficient and even through email, likable. I’m still not convinced  that I’ll enjoy volunteering with CIFF since disorganized non-profits frustrate the hell out of me.  So I’ve decided to create a diary outlining my experience volunteering for the 2012 film festival.  It’s going to be an honest look at the festival and if it’s worth attending and volunteering at.

If you want to endure the joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations with me, check out the CIFF website and volunteer page: www.calgaryfilm.com

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