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Side Effects: Trailer

16 Nov

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Side Effects is a thriller that follows a New York couple, Emily (Rooney Mara) and her husband Martin (Channing Tatum). Emily’s psychiatrist (Jude Law) prescribes Emily a new drug intended to treat her anxiety disorder. The drug has unexpected side effects.

This will be Soderbergh’s final movie before taking a sabbatical to pursue painting.

I like what I see in the trailer – Channing Tatum is obviously pursuing and getting better roles and Rooney Mara is branching out from being Lisbeth Salander. Judging from the trailer, it looks like there will be some intrigue involving pharmaceutical companies.

Side Effects will be released in early 2013.


The Host: Trailer

15 Nov

Here’s the first full length trailer for The Host starring Saoirse Ronan. Based on the book by Stephanie Meyer, The Host is about an alien race, called Souls, that take over humans’ bodies and minds. The movie follows one Soul’s struggle when the mind of its human host refuses to cooperate.

As if Stephanie Meyer hasn’t caused enough damage to the vampire genre, she’s decided to ruin aliens for us as well. The movie involves yet another love triangle filled with brooding, pining and drama. I’d say the only thing that will make this movie tolerable is that Saoirse Ronan stars.

Unlike the eternally boring Kristen Stewart, Saoirse Ronan actually knows how to act. She was excellent as a young aspiring novelist in Atonement and even better in the action thriller Hanna.

Take a look and see what you think…

World War Z: Trailer

11 Nov

For the last two weeks, I’ve been reading World War Z every night before bed. Perhaps not the best tactic for falling asleep, but it’s been an enjoyable and interesting read. Unlike other zombie books and movies, World War Z has a global perspective and it’s composed of first person accounts about how the zombie pandemic started and spread around the world. The protagonist is Brooks – an agent of the United Nation Post War Commission who’s documenting people’s stories.

I’ve been looking forward to the movie adaptation for months, but once I started reading the novel I wasn’t too sure how it would translate to film. How would the director include all the characters, deal with individual accounts and film the movie in so many locations?

Well last week, the first trailer for World War Z was released and I have to say… it doesn’t thrill me (see below).

With adaptations there’s going to be some changes, but it looks like the production company and screenwriters took creative liberties with every aspect of WWZ.

The most notable – central character Brooks has become UN worker, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) – a man who’s trying to save his family during the zombie outbreak. Ugh!! If the characters and perspective have changed, why even bother calling the movie World War Z?

Another issue I have with the trailer is the laughable zombie horde. I curse how lazy studios and directors have become with the invention of CGI. Zombies need to be scary and I think the special effects completely miss the mark. The right tone for WWZ should be achieved with great make-up, puppets and animatronics.

Now that I’ve ranted, how do you feel about the World War Z trailer?

Iron Man 3: Trailer

23 Oct

The Iron Man 3 trailer is finally here! Some new additions to the cast include Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin and Guy Pearce.

Killing Them Softly: Trailer

20 Oct

Adapted from George V. Higgins’ novel, Killing Them Softly follows professional enforcer Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), who investigates a heist that occurs during a high stakes mob poker game. The supporting cast includes Ray Liotta (GoodFellas), Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) and James Gandolfini (The Sopranos).

The film will reunite Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini who starred together in 2001’s The Mexican.

Killing Them Softly was screened in May at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and it received positive early reviews. It’s release date is scheduled for November 30, 2012.

Carrie: Teaser Trailer

16 Oct

Director Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) brings us a new version of Stephen King’s Carrie. Chloe Moretz (Kick Ass, Dark Shadows) stars as Carrie White, a shy high school student who is bullied by her classmates and  abused by her religious mother (Julianne Moore). After being pushed to the extreme, Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers and uses them to take revenge against the people who have made her life miserable. Check out the teaser trailer below.  Carrie will be released March 15, 2013.

A Good Day to Die: Trailer

8 Oct

Check out the official trailer for the fifth Die Hard installment, A Good Day to Die Hard. This time John McClane (Bruce Willis) is in Russia and gets mixed up in a terrorist plot along with his estranged son. John Moore (Max Payne) is at the helm and the script was written by Skip Woods (The A Team, Wolverine: Origins).

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