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New Robocop Armor = Blah

10 Oct

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we get to see the first set pictures of Robocop’s fancy new armor (see below). The majority of Robocop fans are irate and absolutely hate the new armor, while others love the sleeker modern look.

I have to side with the majority. In the original Robocop, Alex Murphy is murdered pretty brutally. Murphy loses an arm and has the majority of his body destroyed by shotgun blasts. By becoming the cyborg Robocop, Murphy has functioning hands and legs but his body is mechanical, bulky and slow. As a kid, I hated when Robocop took off his armor because he was all messed up underneath.

This new armor is all sleek and sexy…and I don’t like it!  It doesn’t seem so horrific to lose body parts if you get sleek new robotic parts that are as good.  It just loses some of the drama…you know what I mean?

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