Beetlejuice 2? No Thanks.

31 May

 File:Beetlejuice film poster.jpg

According to Seth Grahame-Smith, screenwriter of the atrocious Dark Shadows movie,  he’s in talks with original Beetlejuice director Tim Burton about writing the screenplay for and producing Beetlejuice 2.  Apparently, Keaton and Burton have expressed interest in working on a sequel if the script is “good enough.”  Would you trust Tim Burton to recognize a good script these days?

How can we politely tell Burton and Keaton…no thank you?  The original Beetlejuice came out in 1988 and the sequel would probably be released in 2014.  Isn’t a 26 year gap a bit…huge?  It’s pretty apparent that Hollywood is running out of creative storylines, but is there really nothing new out there?  Grahame-Smith said he won’t produce the movie unless Michael Keaton has signed-on.  Of course Michael Keaton will get involved.  The man hasn’t had a decent principal role in the last 15 years and all he has to fill his time is voice work for the Toy Story movies.  It just seems sad that Keaton and Burton would have to revive Beetlejuice in an effort to resurrect their failing careers.

All we can do is hope and pray that this doesn’t happen.  May it fall through the cracks like Ghostbusters 3 and never sees the light of day.


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