The SAG Awards – Red Carpet Judgement

31 Jan

Amber Heard in Zac Posen

I think Amber Heard was one of the best dressed ladies on Sunday night.  Sure, it’s a black dress, but it’s made interesting with the cutouts and the length.  Her hair, make-up and jewellery are all stylish and simple.  She’s a babe and she didn’t overdo it.

Cut out creation: Amber Heard donned a cut out gown by Zac Posen which she teamed with a oversized quiff hairstyle

Jane Lynch in David Myster

Jane Lynch looked gorgeous in this bright blue. The cut is flattering and considering she’s a giant, she’ll look pretty good while terrorizing Tokyo.

Jane Lynch

Rose Byrne in Elyie Saab

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit. On one hand,  I enjoy this 70s inspired outfit and haircut.  On the other hand, I hate that the jumpsuit is ivory and absolutely covered with embellishments and sparkles.  It’s a bit too much like a wedding dress to me.

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa

Sofia Vergara is slamming. We know this, but I don’t think this dress is even to close to as flattering as the electric blue Cavalli dress she wore to SAGs in 2011.  Vergara’s should play up being a bombshell: hair down, low cut and just one big piece of jewellery.

Maya Rudolph in Naeem Khaan

Everything about this dress is atrocious. It looks like someone bedazzled a white t-shirt for Maya Rudolph. Granted it makes her bosom look huge, which is the only saving grace of this dress.  It make Maya look frumpy and does nothing for her hourglass figure.

Kaley Cuoco in Romona Kaveza

Kaley Cuoco is so pretty and has a nice figure, why would she wear this dress?  The top of the dress is flattering and fits nicely, but the bottom reminds me of an octopus and meringue cookies…I suspect that’s not a good sign.

Kaley Cuoco

Tina Fey in Versace

There is nothing really wrong with this dress, but Tina Fey you are hilarious and awesome.  Why are you wearing something so boring?

Ten Best Dressed — Special Edition Best Dressed: The 2012 SAG Awards


2 Responses to “The SAG Awards – Red Carpet Judgement”

  1. misha January 31, 2012 at 5:32 am #

    It looks like blondes have more fun – and more style. Ms. Heard is hot, but I would say that Jane Lynch was the best dressed. Aren’t they both lesbians too? My teams totally win!

  2. calmiron February 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    lol. Yes they are. I think Jane Lynch was probably my favorite celebrity of the night. She was on the E! Talk Red Carpet show juggling while all dressed up. So funny

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