Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

29 Dec

Since the early 2000’s, 20th Century Fox has considered reviving the lucrative Alien Franchise with a fifth instalment, but somehow there never seemed to be a story to do the original Alien movie justice. Sure, we’ve had chances to see our favourite acid spitting xenomorphs in Alien Vs. Predator 1 and 2, even though we never asked to have those (and I use the term loosely) “films” made.  Original cast members including Sigourney Weaver and director James Cameron were in talks for potential prequels and sequels that never really came to fruition. In 2009, Ridley Scott at last confirmed that he would be directing the latest instalment of the Alien movies.

Ridley Scott and Screenplay writer Damon Lindehof decided to downplay the role of the “original” aliens and give us Prometheus, an indirect prequel that focuses on “the Space Jockey”.  You remember him…don’t you?  He’s the enormous creature that we encountered in the first Alien movie.  Prometheus takes place 30 years before Alien and will explore the role of “the space jockey” in creating human civilization and the mythology surrounding the Alien universe.

Though Ridley Scott directed Alien, he has not directed a Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie since 1985’s Legend.  His latest movies like Robin Hood, Kingdom of Heaven and A Good Year have been less than stellar and if Prometheus succeeds it will revitalize his career and the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a good alien movie. Cowboys and Aliens,  Predators, Skyline and  The Fourth Kind all lacked character development, interesting aliens and good actors.

Fortunately, the cast for Prometheus is pretty amazing and includes Michael Fassbender (Shame, X-Men: First Class), Charlize Theron (Monster), Guy Piece (Animal Kingdom, Memento)  Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Idris Elba (Rocknrolla).

So what do you think?  Will Prometheus be a hit or a flop in 2012?


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