Monster Brawl

14 Oct

Monster Brawl was screened at the Calgary International Film Festival’s Black Gala a couple week ago as part of the Late Night Series.  Monster Brawl features 8 mythological creatures divided into two categories: the undead and creatures.  These monsters face off in a WWF style fighting tournament to the death so one can be named as the ultimate monster!  Cheesy huh?

In the creature category we have Witch Bitch (best name ever), Swamp Gut, Cyclops and Werewolf.  For the undead the fighters are Zombie Man, Lady Vampire, Frankenstein and Mummy.  The narrator is the always awesome Lance Henriksen and the movie also stars Art Hindle, Dave Foley and Herb Dean.

So I think from the title and the content it’s easy to say Monster Brawl is not for everyone.  It’s low budget,  really low budget.  The director, Jesse T. Cook, said that the budget was $350,000 and that everyone who helped got a credit in the movie including their mothers.  It has what some would call “gruesome moments” including a drawf getting his head punched off, a werewolf having his head torn in half and people getting eaten by zombies.  The plot is non-existent but oddly enjoyable.  For each monster there are snippets of how they came to the Monster Brawl Fighting Tournament.  Some of the clips don’t make sense…no one really cares though.  Perhaps the best one is of Witch Bitch being recruited by her dwarf Fight Manager.  The cut scenes are obviously done with someone’s personal computer even so they are not too bad.

My only complaint is that it was about 30 minutes too long.  Almost every movie does that ( Transformers 3 at 2 HOURS AND 34 MINUTES).  Directors have to start considering the content of the movie.  Lord of the Rings is epic and should be long…Monster Brawl not quite as epic.  One can only be amused by low budget monsters for so long.


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