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Warrior = Epic Fail

14 Sep

The MMA movie Warrior was suppose to be the UFC’s coming out to the mainstream movie audience.  Marketed as an action flick, Warrior is by all counts a drama that follows two estranged brothers as they enter an MMA tournament to win the biggest purse in the sport’s history.  What the film really focuses on is their reasons for fighting.  Tommy (Tom Hardy) has a tragic past as a Marine and his motivations for winning the prize money are not revealed until the end of the movie.  He is being trained by his recovering alcoholic father Paddy (Nick Nolte) whom he has a volatile relationship with.  His older brother Brennan can’t make ends meet as a public school teacher so takes up MMA again after many years so that his family won’t lose their house.

Unfortunately, here’s the reality…to date the movie has only made $12 million dollars.  Now factor in the $25 million it cost to make and the $45 million dollar marketing budget and boom, Warrior = Epic Fail.  What’s especially disappointing about this is that it’s a damn good movie.

Tom Hardy and Joel Eggerton are excellent. Tom Hardy, you may remember as Handsome Bob from RocknRolla or as Charles Bronson/Michael Peterson in Bronson, has a chameleon like quality and can become unrecognizable.  He has a knack for playing the flawed and dysfunctional and as Tommy, he is incredibly cruel at times to his once abusive father Paddy, but there is always the feeling that Tommy regrets what he says the moment he says it.  And it’s about time that people realize how talented Joel Eggerton is especially after his role in Animal Kingdom. His character is sweet and relatable and in the final scenes of the movie, you are unsure of which brother you want to win the tournament.

It’s frustrating to see a movie with an overall rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes fail so completely. Why was this movie so disappointing at the box office you ask?  Truthfully, because people have bad taste. People complain that movies are formulaic and predictable, well guess what, studios make ’em that way because that’s how the viewing public like ’em.  People complain that there is no thought behind a movie, well that’s because people don’t want to think at the movies.  People have said repeatedly to me, “I’m just dying to see that new Kate Hudson movie.  Do you like Kate Hudson?”  Yes, I’d like to punch her in the face.

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